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To request your free ADI starter pack, please simply leave your details in the box on the right, or call us on 0800 09 88 321.

We will never try to 'hard sell' to you but we do believe if you are serious about becoming a Driving Instructor or learning more, it really helps to talk about it!

We are commited to helping you become a 1st class driving instructor and to giving you as much information as possible and help you ensure that this is the right choice of career for you!


We look forward to helping you!

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Train for just £1299. You don't need to spend thousands of £££'s
on your training, but never compromise on quality.

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How can I learn about training? Where can I get all the important facts and information I need? Get an impartial view on training

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What's involved in the process? What are the legal requirements do I need to know before I make a decision?

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People look to become driving instructors for many reasons. Why are you looking to be an instructor? What's important to you?

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Driving instructors can work full or part time and even work around a job or other commitments, or as their main job and career.

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Whether you are simply looking into becoming a driving instructor for the first time, or you have researched what's involved in depth, we would like to try and help you get as much advice and information as possible before you make a decision. There is a lot to cover!


If at any point, you have a question, or would like to speak to us, please get in touch-

0800 09 88 321 - we are here to help.


As one of the UK's leading and most experienced Driving Instructor Training Companies, and with our money back refund guarantee*, you simply cannot be in safer hands.





Why are you so much better value..?


- What should it cost me? Learn More


- What does £1299 cover? Learn More


- How does this compare? Learn More


- Why are RED, BSM, etc so expensive? Learn More

What are the Tests like that I have to sit..?


- Are the tests hard? Learn More


- Where do I sit the tests? Learn More


- How much do they cost? Learn More


- What if I fail? Learn More

How do I train to Become a Driving Instructor..?


- What is the legal process? Learn More


- How do I start? Learn More


- What must I do? Learn More


- How do I choose a trainer? Learn More

What happens after I qualify...?


- Am I guaranteed a job? Learn More


- How do I run my own business? Learn More


- Where do I get a car/pupils? Learn More

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